The forgotten ancient house of the Tay people in Khuon Lung, Xin Man, Ha Giang

Xin Man Homestay, Ha Giang

I came to Xin Man, Ha Giang when the weather began to have heavy rains. Me and Mr. Tam, who are Tay people in Xin Man, crossed the forest and crossed the mountain to come home to Homestay Leng Duc Quan – an ancient homestay located in Khuon Lung village, Xin Man, Ha Giang. The journey became even more interesting when I heard the natives themselves tell their true stories!


The owner is the Tay people

After came to Khuon Lung, I was arranged to stay at the Tay's house. In the afternoon, sitting in the old house, drink a cup of tea, Uncle Quan shared about his family.

Uncle is a Tay person. Uncle was born and raised in Khuon Lung village, Xin Man, Ha Giang. In the years 2012, when supported by the commune,Uncle just started to know the homestay model. And so, Ban Khuon Lung is so small that now it has begun to welcome the first foreign tourists.

homestay-o-hoang-su-phi (7)
Tay people in Khuon Lung

The Tay people in Khuon Lung village usually dress like Kinh people, but when it comes to major holidays or tourists, they will delight in their own traditional costumes.

The Tay people's attire in Khuon Lung is a bit different from other regions. The whole outfit is shiny black, sometimes with black patterns. Women wear their heads like a crow's beak hat in a mandarin village of Bac Ninh. They have a small belt with vibrant colors. Tay women's dresses are worn with skirts, not pants. Men often dress like the Nung and wear hats like the Mong.

The beautiful traditional house of the Tay people

It's an extremely cozy house. When I entered this house, I felt unmatched lightness, serenity, and peace.

The house is covered with palm leaves, the stairs, the pillars, all of which are made of palm trees.  The floor and the windows are made of wood.

The Tay's house has a total of 3 compartments. 1 main space for tourists to rest, full amenities: blanket, blanket, pillow.

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Insight homestay

In the middle of the house, the Tay people often put teapots. If they eat meals, they will be replaced with a tray. I am extremely impressed with Uncle Quan's house, because of the layout like this, I have never met in my life.

Uncle Quan's old house can serve as a resting place for a minimum of 20 tourists. Normally, the delegation came to visit, have dinner and sleep, if more than Uncle Quan's family could welcome. Inside, Uncle Quan has built 2 private rooms for guests who want to experience a private living space.

homestay-o-hoang-su-phi (16)
Bedding to sleep

The bathroom is outside, the bathroom is clean, airy, equipped with hot and cold water, full towels.

ROOM: 80,000 VND / Person

Regional cuisine of homestay Lèng Duc Quan

Great! more then awesome! During my two days at this homestay, I was cooked by Uncle Quan's wife for delicious food. In the Tay's rice tray, there are often mountainous dishes such as chicken, pig, vegetables, even the La Chi daughter-in-law even cooks delicious Korean kimchi to treat me.

homestay-o-hoang-su-phi (19)
regional cuisine in khuon lung

FOOD: VND 100,000 / person

The other activities in Khuon Lung

In addition to eating, going out, sleeping and resting. In the evening,  Lèng Duc Quan homestay also arranges additional services on request: 60-minute folk art performance with a preferential price for the group only 800,000 VND / group, music exchange, Sing Then of the Tay people in Khuong Lung.

Tourists coming to Duc Quan homestay also can experience transplanting, plowing, cutting rice, catching fish interestingly on seasonal and transplanting day.

homestay-o-xin-man (6)
people in khuon lung

Uncle Quan's family is a traditional family, so far, the family is ready to welcome tourists from all parts of the country. They are eager to see tourists here to share their true stories, and guide tourists around Khuong Lung. However, so far, not many tourists come to Khuon Lung, so this is also a common concern for many people in the village.

homestay-o-xin-man (11)
terraces in Xin Man

homestay-o-xin-man (10)
water fall in khuon lung

homestay-o-xin-man (19)
suspension bridge


If there is a day when you want to travel to Khuon Lung, try to open your heart, experience the service and immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery in Khuon Lung, then you will be addicted!

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