Top best restaurant in Pleiku, Gia Lai

Places to eat in Pleiku, delicious restaurants in Pleiku,

If Dalat is known as the city of fog, of love, Pleiku is known as the city of snacking, of paradise. Once arrived in Pleiku, you definitely have to eat through these restaurants.

Dry Pho at Pho Nu
Dry pho is a specialty of Gia Lai. Dry pho is a typical and pecial dish. Pho has 2 bowls, a bowl of vermicelli and a bowl of water. Therefore, it is often called 2 bowl pho. There are two types of dry noodle soup, pale dry pho and chicken dry pho. Dried chicken pho is very special, in pho including chili, vegetables, pho, when eaten with black sauce, red sauce and chili will be very delicious.

In Gia Lai there are many dry noodle shops, however, the best noodle shop is still Pho Nu at 50 Nguyen Du, this shop is a long-standing restaurant, crowded and sells extremely delicious food.

My Tam rice restaurant at 3 Quang Trung

My Tam rice restaurant is the oldest rice shop in Gia Lai. This restaurant is extremely delicious because of the way it cooks rice. The rice here is quite diverse, including young rib rice, rib rice, chicken rice, bitter melon soup, leaf soup …

My Tam restaurant
My Tam restaurant

Barbecue at the Pleiku night market
Pleiku night market has many snacks, if you are looking for snacks in Pleiku, you should go to Pleiku night market to enjoy the cuisine. The night market will operate from 7:00 pm until late at night. The night market has a lot of dishes such as dry pho, beef noodles, soy milk, especially baked goods. The grilled food in Pleiku was deadly delicious, there were a lot of baked goods made, but the best dish was still grilled skewers, beef tread, spring rolls …



At night, when you come to Pleiku night market, you can see more wonderful things, because this is a wholesale market, so after 12 o'clock, the market starts to operate very strongly. Here you can not only eat, drink, but also see the people who wholesale at night are very happy.

Pleiku night market is located on Hoang Van Thu street, intersecting with Tran Phu street.

Delicious fruit car to faint
The most special feature in Pleiku compared to other cities is that there is a fruit truck on Tran Phu Street. The fruit truck is filled with delicious fruits, tourists can come here to eat all kinds of fruit. The fruit here is completely contained in 1 bowl, you can choose from coconut milk or durian depending on your preference. A piece of fruit here is sold for 25,000 VND but is extremely delicious. Eating once will make you remember forever.

so good
so good

so good
so good

Barbecue is considered as a specialty dish in Gia Lai, you can go to 61 Phung Khac Khoan to eat this grilled rice dish. There are many dishes here such as ramen, pork belly, banh beo, banh mi, and rolls.

Nice and delicious cafe in Gia Lai
Gia Lai has many beautiful cafes, but the Gia Le cafe opposite the Doan Ket square will make you feel happy. This view can see the street during the day and at night, especially, in the beautifully decorated shop, the coffee is extremely delicious.

Above is a place to eat in Pleiku for new friends coming to Gia Lai for the first time. Stay tuned for more Gia Lai dust travel experience 7 days 7 nights for more information!

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