Top 5 self drive car rental in Ho Chi Minh

Self drive car rental in ho chi minh is the need of many people who want to move in Ho Chi Minh City by car. In this article, Xu Kien Blogger would like to send you the Top 5 places to rent a self-driving car in Ho Chi Minh City. We invite you to follow along.

Auto Huy Hoang

Auto Huy Hoang is one of the most luxurious car rental addresses in Ho Chi Minh City. Here, you will be able to choose from a variety of luxury vehicles such as convertibles. Car rental service here is highly appreciated by many customers and guaranteed prestige. The car lines here include BMW, Lexus, Audi, Nissan, KIA, Lexus, Porsche, Mercedes, Honda….

Car rental procedures here include car license and Ho Chi Minh City household registration, original ID card with permanent address in Ho Chi Minh City. Deposit with 20 million VND.

self drive car rental in Ho Chi Minh

Address: C8/4A2, Pham Hung, District 8, HCM

Gia Khang Cooperative

As a self-driving car rental Ho Chi Minh City, this is a place known to many people because there are many models of cars such as Mazda, Ford Transit, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota and new cars such as Mec C20, Mec E250 4C… The special thing here is that if you are a new customer, you will receive a discount of 200,000 VND when renting a car, sometimes up to 1 million VND.

self drive car rental in Ho Chi Minh

Address: 108/5 Phan Huy Ich, Ward 15, Tan Binh

Tri Tai

Tri Tai is a reputable travel company, this place is highly appreciated by Saigon Thu Duc car rental service. Car rental here for many purposes such as travel, wedding, or work in the short and long term. The price is quite competitive so many people are interested.

self drive car rental in Ho Chi Minh

Address: 36/24/13 Street No. 4, Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, Thu Duc, HCM

Or 2 Street No. 2, Tan Tao A, Binh Tan, HCM

Vietnamese Family

Gia Dinh Viet is Ho Chi Minh car rental with driver that many people are interested in. There are up to 100 cars here for you to choose from, the experts here work very conscientiously, the attitude is calm, gentle and the car rental price in Ho Chi Minh City here is quite good for you.

self drive car rental in Ho Chi Minh

Address: 144, Cong Hoa F12, Tan Binh, HCMC

Tan An Gia

Tan An Gia is car rental Ho Chi Minh, a unit operating in the field of tourism and transportation. There are many types of quality vehicles, comfortable with very good operating machinery. You will be able to choose from many brands of cars that you like from brands such as Kia Morning, Honda City, Innova, Everest, Captiva, Grandis, Fortuner…

self drive car rental in Ho Chi Minh

Address: 210 CMT8, Ward 10, District 3, HCMC

Above are the Top 5 self drive car rental in Ho Chi Minh that many people choose. Hopefully with this article, you have had many places to refer to and choose for yourself a suitable place. Wish you have a great experience with self-driving cars in Ho Chi Minh City.

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