Top 10 most beautiful places to photograph in Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang

Hoang Su Phi is a place that gives tourists many emotions while you walking along the roads in Ha Giang. If you are planning to go to Ha Giang but do not know how to find places to take pictures, please note immediately the following 11 points!



Nam Hong Hamlet, Thong Nguyen Commune, Hoang Su Phi District

Nam Hong, Thong Nguyen is a community-based tourism that is attracting many tourists. Nam Hong is beautiful because terraced fields spread ecstatic. Coming to Nam Hong, remember take photos in the following locations:

Red soil hills with panoramic view of Thong Nguyen

This is a place where you can see the whole of Thong Nguyen commune, including Nam Hong village. Standing from above looking down, the golden terraced fields will make any visitors are infatuated. The red dirt hill is only 2km away from Nam Hong CBT to the East.

top-10-beautifull-place-take-photo-in-hoang-su-phi (20)top-10-beautifull-place-take-photo-in-hoang-su-phi (20)

The sacred forest of the village

Called the sacred forest, because in ancient times, grandparents regarded this place as a place of guarding of the gods, praying for the good luck of the people in the village. The sacred forest is very sacred, no one is allowed to encroach. Walking trekking in the sacred forest, you feel like you are lost in a mysterious but adventurous world. The sacred forest is a place to visit for many tourists who want to explore the village.

top-10-beautifull-place-take-photo-in-hoang-su-phi (20)top-10-beautifull-place-take-photo-in-hoang-su-phi (20)

Horseshoe hill in Nam Hong

Called the horseshoe hill, because , the hill looks like a hoof of a horse. Horseshoe Hill has lovely small wooden houses, looming on the rice fields. Horseshoe Hill is a place to see for sunrise with floating clouds of clouds, and to catch the first rays of the sun in the day. It is also the best place to welcome sunset of Nam Hong village. Perhaps so, the horseshoe hill is the most favorite place to check in and take photos of most tourists coming to Nam Hong. Horseshoe Hill is located 1km from Hoang Su Phi Bungalow to the

top-10-beautifull-place-take-photo-in-hoang-su-phi (20)

Vầu forest

Vầu tree is a precious species tree since thousands of years ago. Vầu trees are used to make houses, doors, fences, and even to make living tools for Nam Hong people. Walking from the horseshoe hill, Nam Khoa direction adds 1km, visitors seem to be lost in the maze of beautiful forests.

Tea hill in Nam Hong

Nam Hong not only has rice, Nam Hong land has been associated with tea plants since thousands of generations. Tea hill in Nam Hong with a history of over 300 years old. Tea season in Nam Hong usually takes place from February to October. Visitors to Nam Hong will be accompanied by grandmothers, mothers, brothers and sisters to the mountains to pick green tea leaves. Therefore, here, tourists not only have the opportunity to take extremely beautiful photos, but also experience the ancient tea-picking

top-10-beautifull-place-take-photo-in-hoang-su-phi (20)

Cultural house of the village

This is a community place for people in Nam Hong village. In the cultural house, displaying a lot of living tools of Nam Hong people since ancient times. Coming to the cultural house, you will be able to find the origin of the Red Dao ethnic group.

Giang Ha Waterfall is 5km from Nam Hong

With a favorable geographical position, Giang Ha waterfall is an extremely majestic waterfall in Thong Nguyen commune. The waterfall is about 30m high. In the season of pouring water, water flows down from above rushing like a forest lord roaring in the mountains. This is a place of bathing waterfall, great experience in Nam Hong.

top-10-beautifull-place-take-photo-in-hoang-su-phi (20)

Thong Nguyen Market

And it would be remiss if we didn't mention Thong Nguyen's market, 3.5km south of Nam Hong. Thong Nguyen Market is the market of the whole commune, the market is a gathering place for the people of the Red Dao, Dao ao, Nung, Mong, Tay.

The market starts at 6 am, the most crowded time is at 8 am. At this time the market looks bustling, busy. During the market, visitors will see a lot of traditional costumes of the Red Dao people, wool rolls used to embroider costumes, accessories to make traditional costumes Red Dao and other ethnic groups. At the market, The mothers also brought a lot of their specialties down the mountain to sell: buffalo horns, goat skin, buffalo skin, wine of all kinds. Lost in Thong Nguyen market, visitors will witness the extremely diverse culture of the mountainous Hoang Su Phi.

The people in Thong Nguyen are gentle, honest and easy going. When buying and selling inside a market, there is no need to pay the price, because for the most part, it is the original price when sold on the market.

Nam Khoa Hamlet, Thong Nguyen Commune, Hoang Su Phi District

After Nam Hong, you should go to Nam Khoa to experience the Ripe rice fields. The fields here are rich in shape, beautiful horseshoe rims make visitors bewildered. There is a famous check-in place in Nam Khoa which is the horseshoe rim, just like in Mu Cang Chai. To get here, you can walk from Hoang Su Phi Bungalow to 2km, the road is a bit difficult, but you can see the wonderful scenery.

top-10-beautifull-place-take-photo-in-hoang-su-phi (20)

The roads of Nam Ty, Ban Peo, Nam Dich, Ta Su Choong, Ban Nhung, Tan Tien and Tang Sang

This is the way to go to Tay Con Linh peak – the best mountain high Ha Giang. Running a motorbike on this road in the ripe rice season, visitors seem to get lost in the middle of the dream forest, there is no way out. Terraced fields are very beautiful.

top-10-beautifull-place-take-photo-in-hoang-su-phi (20)top-10-beautifull-place-take-photo-in-hoang-su-phi (20)top-10-beautifull-place-take-photo-in-hoang-su-phi (20)top-10-beautifull-place-take-photo-in-hoang-su-phi (20)

Luoc Village

Luoc village has beautiful landscapes of terraced fields. However, the way go to is quite difficult.

Terraced fields in San Sa Ho, silver-carving village in Po Ly Ngai

This is a place that you should not miss, because it is near town. Terraced fields in Sán Sả Hồ in the season of ripe rice , beautiful and poetic. Especially this road will lead to Po Ly Ngai, a famous silver-carving village in Hoang Su Phi.

top-10-beautifull-place-take-photo-in-hoang-su-phi (20)

Ban Phung village and Hoang Su Phi

The most beautiful photos in Hoang Su Phi cannot help but mention Ban Phung village. This is a place that makes any photographer stand miserable every season. In the early morning, Phùng appeared like beautiful fairy wrapped in thick clouds. The photographer liked the feeling of waking up at 5 am, waiting for clouds to weave through each tree and then into the village. Watch the sun's rays shine down Phung 's village. Poetic and perfect.

top-10-beautifull-place-take-photo-in-hoang-su-phi (20)top-10-beautifull-place-take-photo-in-hoang-su-phi (20)

Ho Thau and Hoang Su Phi

Ho Thau is also place  the most beautiful photo in Hoang Su Phi. Terraced fields in Ho Thau are not too majestic, because it is blocked by many trees. However, Ho Thau has the beauty of a countryside that is not too noisy and crowded. In the morning, here you can also go to see tea, watch rice, enjoy the beautiful scenery on the poor countryside of Hoang Su Phi.

top-10-beautifull-place-take-photo-in-hoang-su-phi (20)

Tay Con Linh

The highest peak is Hoang Su Phi and also the highest peak in Ha Giang and the Northeast. With a height of 2427m, turning this scenery into a magical, majestic. The road to Tay Con Linh, you will meet a lot of cardamom forests, wild mountains and forests will create more adventure feelings for the trip.

top-10-beautifull-place-take-photo-in-hoang-su-phi (20)

Chieu Lau Thi

Is the second highest mountain Hoang Su Phi, Chieu Lau Thi with poetic beauty. In the morning, wake up at Chieu Lau Thi, you will be watching the floating sea clouds. The scene at Chieu Lau Thi is like a fairy-tale place, making people fascinated.

top-10-beautifull-place-take-photo-in-hoang-su-phi (20)

Vinh Quang town market (Hoang Su Phi)

And it would be flawed, without the bustle of Hoang Su Phi market. This is a crowded place of Nung, Tay, Red Dao and Mong people. On Sunday mornings, the people here are busy trading. They brought a lot of food down from the mountain to sell, and at the same time, they bought more of the missing food to use on the mountain.

top-10-beautifull-place-take-photo-in-hoang-su-phi (20)

Hoang Su Phi town market have many dresses of the Mong people, many bright colors make visitors excited. In particular, there is a silver jewelry section taken at Po Ly Ngai, and a few places selling indigo fabric. Activities inside the market make photographers more emotional to take photos in Hoang Su Phi.


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