Thai Nguyen travel experience 2 days 1 night

Thai Nguyen travel experience 2 days 1 night. The green tea hills began to appear when I just crossed the Nhe pass of Vinh Phuc to the land that people call the land of tea hills. Thai Nguyen welcomed me with a gentle rain, but it didn’t make my heart dull, because Thai Nguyen was really too developed, making me feel dizzy. And so my journey to discover Thai Nguyen began.

Where is Thai Nguyen located?     

Thai Nguyen is a midland province in the Northeast region. Thai Nguyen is only 75km from Hanoi, so it can be said that this is an ideal tourist destination for young people who want to leave the city. With foreign tourists, Thai Nguyen is famous for its tea hills in Tan Cuong – This is the number 1 tea specialty in Vietnam, so Thai Nguyen should not be missed in the journey to conquer the North of Vietnam.

Thai Nguyen travel experience 2 days 1 night

Transportation to Thai Nguyen

Expressways in the North of Vietnam are quite developed, especially Thai Nguyen is one of the 10 provinces with the fastest economic development. That’s why it’s so easy to move around. To get to Thai Nguyen from Hanoi, you have many ways:

– Bus: Taking a bus is the choice of most tourists, or those who want to come to Thai Nguyen to travel and enjoy the atmosphere.

– Car: You can absolutely rent a car to come to Thai Nguyen. And when you come here, you will be overwhelmed by the rate of cars in Thai Nguyen among the highest in the country. Book at here.

– Motorcycle: For young people who are in the journey to explore the North, motorbike is definitely the best choice for you. Book at here.

Where to sleep in Thai Nguyen?

Thai Nguyen has many hotels. So finding a suitable hotel is easy. During the journey to Thai Nguyen, I stayed at Nam My Van Homestay – Right in the heart of Thai Nguyen city. If you want to enjoy the cool atmosphere of the tea hill, then you can also go to Tan Cuong and sleep at Cua Tu Homestay. Book homestay or Thai Nguyen hotel here.

Cuisine in Thai Nguyen

Thai Nguyen is a midland region, so the dishes here are also quite diverse. Bo Dau Banh Chung at Bo Dau Banh Chung Cultural Village is a specialty you can try when visiting this place.

Another specialty that no one can forget when coming to Thai Nguyen is the fragrant tea bags in Thai Nguyen. Thai Nguyen has a lot of tea, people also display a space of Thai Nguyen tea culture. Coming here, you can explore many famous tea brands in Thai Nguyen. Buying a few tea bags as gifts for loved ones is also something anyone should do when coming to Thai Nguyen.

Steamed carp beer is also a delicious dish in Thai Nguyen you should try when you come here. An interesting experience when coming to this special land.

Thai Nguyen travel experience 2 days 1 night

Day 1: Hanoi – Thai Nguyen City – Tan Cuong Tea – Nui Coc Lake – Cua Tu

Thai Nguyen City

Only 75km from Hanoi, if you go by motorbike, the morning departs from Hanoi. Move straight to Tan Cuong tea hill. Only about 1 hour from Hanoi, you have reached Thai Nguyen city. If you have time, you can take a walk around Thai Nguyen city to see Thai Nguyen square, Hang pagoda in the city. This place is really rich and crowded, it can make you emotional.

Tan Cuong tea hills

People say Thai Tea, Tuyen Girl. Tan Cuong is famous throughout the country for its specialty of Tan Cuong tea. Coming to Tan Cuong, you will see the cool green tea hills. In the town of Tan Cuong, you will see a lot of Tan Cuong Tea cooperatives with big tea brands, achieving many state titles.

Tan Cuong Tea Culture Space

This is my favorite tourist destination when coming to Thai Nguyen. The space displays all kinds of tea of Thai Nguyen people. Stepping into this house, I feel like coming to a place where the whole beautiful culture of Thai Nguyen is gathered. Inside the cultural space, I see a lot of tea brands. Tea leaves are the symbol of Thai Nguyen city, so inside, the themes they decorate are related to the tea growing of Thai Nguyen people.

Thai Nguyen travel experience 2 days 1 night

Coc Mountain lake

Nui Coc Lake is an artificial freshwater lake. This is an extremely ideal photo-check-in tourist spot when you come to Thai Nguyen. This place regularly organizes picnics, cruises on the lake, visits the legend of the palace, to many other services.

Nui Coc Lake has many directions. If you move to the south of Nui Coc Lake, you will see a pretty spacious bridge, next to a temple with a very large Buddha image. Next to Nam Ho Nui Coc area is Ho Thuy Ba, this place has a very delicious beer-steamed carp specialty. People living around that area do fish farming in the lake, so they have a lot of experience in aquaculture.

Thai Nguyen travel experience 2 days 1 night

Overwhelmed with tea hill in Cua Tu

Cua Tu is an attractive tourist destination in Thai Nguyen, where there is a charming landscape. Cua Tu is located in Hoang Nong commune, Dai Tu district. This is also a resting place for many backpackers. At the gate of death, you rest at the gate of the Farmstay and admire the cool green tea hills. End of 1 day exploring in Thai Nguyen.

Day 2: Discover Cua Tu – Hanoi

Cua Tu is quite an attractive tourist destination. The people here are mainly Tay ethnic people. They live around the stream, grow tea so you can experience tea leaf picking with the farmers here.

After enjoying the morning with tea, you can spend a day doing adventure tours such as stream bathing, kayaking. Cua Tu has 3 parts: Cua Tu 1,2,3

Cua Tu 1 is a long stream flowing between the two sides of the cliff, this is a suitable place for picnics, picnics, camping and even taking pictures. This is where many backpackers visit.

Cua Tu 2 and 3 have an additional service of a stone slide created by flowing water. The stream of death in the rainy season flows very fast, so it is not recommended that you play this game in the rainy season.

Spend a day in Cua Tu to enjoy this beautiful culture. It’s already

Afternoon, please take the time to return to Hanoi and end the 2 weekend in Thai Nguyen.

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