Ta Dung Lake travel experience 1 day 1 night from Vietnam’s Travel Blogger

Traveling to Ta Dung Lake is the need of many young people. I recently had a 1 day 1 night trip to Ta Dung Lake, so I want to share my experience for those who want to go. In this article, Xu Kien Blogger will guide you clearly.

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Directions to Ta Dung Lake

From Ho Chi Minh City, I went by motorbike to Ta Dung Lake. My motorbike drove along the map, passing Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc, Gia Nghia town and then Ta Dung Lake. The total distance is 259km, I expected to go within 6 hours but in fact, I went faster. Maybe it’s because the road is quite good compared to the old days when I traveled through Vietnam for a year. This place, just go with the map, nothing to worry about. The two sides of the road are crowded with houses, some of the most deserted sections, from Gia Nghia town to Quang Khe and then to Dak Som, are a bit deserted due to the mountains of Dak Nong, but the people here are mainly Hmong, so it is also a bit deserted. nothing to worry about.

Ta Dung Lake travel experience 1 day 1 night

Homestay in Ta Dung Lake

Ta Dung Lake is known as Ha Long Bay in the south. Here, the scenery is beautiful, so Ta Dung homestay also grows a lot. The most beautiful view that you should stay there is Uncle Dong’s house, also known as Ta Dung Topview Homestay. I stayed at Uncle Dong’s house, the view was right, he decorated many places inside so I could check in and take pictures. Generally pretty good.

Ta Dung Lake travel experience 1 day 1 night

The worst place is the toilet. I rent homestay Kufu 1 for 400,000 VND / night, this room is located at the end, shared bathroom. That night, I went to take a shower in room 3, suddenly after taking a shower, I slipped and fell from the top of the slope. Luckily I didn’t go too deep, otherwise I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this post anymore. This place doesn’t know how to design, but as soon as I step out of the shower, I slide down the hole. That meal in general was also miserable. So when renting a homestay at Uncle Dong’s house, you should pay close attention to this place.

Visiting Ta Dung Lake

Actually, standing from the place of Uncle Dong’s house looking down, you can already see the whole Ta Dung lake. Taking the train down below is sometimes redundant. When I went to Vietnam, I had the opportunity to take a train. Later, I came back and asked for a train ticket to Ta Dung lake of 120,000 VND/person for boating. If you want to go alone, the price is 1 million. Should consider this before going.

This article I wrote when I took the train to Ta Dung lake, the feeling was also great, so you can read more to understand.

The rest, I stayed at the view of Uncle Dong’s house to admire the scenery. There are many check-in places inside, so I don’t want to go down. Another thing that I recommend is the evening, if you do not come on the weekend, you should prepare the food in advance, because it is extremely deserted here and there are no guests anywhere. Hungry to die at night, fortunately there is a house next door to buy food to share food, so I can eat.

Ta Dung Lake travel experience 1 day 1 night

My trip to Ta Dung Lake this time is a resort trip, rather. So there are not many emotions, hopefully with the above Ta Dung lake travel experience article, you have also understood a bit about Ta Dung Lake.

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