Pu Mat National Park and West Nghe An Exploration in Quy Thoa Homestay

Nghe An Homestay,

I returned to the west of Nghe An when it was getting dark. The gentle but sweet voice of the Thai people in Quy Thoa Homestay made me fall from the first meeting. I stayed there for 3 days, and those were the days I lived with the Thai people in the western part of Nghe An.


Homestay by Thai people

Quy Thoa Homestay is the homestay of Thai people, the owner of the Homestay is Mr. Quy and Ms. Thoa. 

Quy Thoa Homestay is a homestay Nghe An in Mon Son commune, Con Cuong district, Nghe An province. A few years ago, when tourism was not yet developed, the people here still lived on the rice fields. 

Ower of Quy Thoa Homestay

Ower of Quy Thoa Homestay

However, the western part of Nghe An has an extremely harsh climate, so rice does not help people escape poverty.

In recent years, tourists tend to explore Western Nghe An, so Nghe An homestay begins to develop. Homestay Quy Thoa is an extremely special homestay, because the owner of the Homestay is an extremely sophisticated and enthusiastic person.

A very special wooden house on stilts

Quy Thoa Homestay is built mainly from Doi wood. The sturdy wooden body makes the structure of the frame of the house extremely tough. Entering a wooden house on stilts of Thai people, you will see that there are 2 compartments: the upper one is for sleeping and the lower one is for living purposes.

Bedrooms are dorm bedrooms, which can accommodate 30 people. Here, the owner of Quy Thoa homestay has carefully prepared a full blanket. 

Bedroom in homestay

I am quite impressed with the color of the blanket and pillow. The color of the blanket is brown land associated with the wet rice civilization of the Thai people, and the pillow is shaped like a Sunday podium. According to Ms. Thoa, the owner of the homestay here, the reason why this pillow has such a strange shape is that since the olden days, when the grandparents had no money, they often used this pillow to sleep. During the following years, descendants of the Thai still keep this lifestyle to pass on to their descendants. Therefore, to this Nghe An Homestay, you will learn more about this beautiful culture of Thai people.

a reginal cuisine of homestay

a reginal cuisine of homestay

The dorm room is quite large and airy, because many small doors are built. There is a main door on the stairway for tourists.
Homestay Quy Thoa has 2 bathrooms, all of which are clean and shiny without a stain.

From Quy Thoa Homestay, you can comfortably explore the river with a boat surfing service on the water just 3km away from home. You can also mingle with the Khe Kem waterfall a few tens of kilometers away. From here, you can also go explore Khe Nuoc Mooc, beautiful Thung Bung cave just 10km from home.

Khe Kem Waterfall in West Nghe An
Khe Kem Waterfall in West Nghe An

Giang river in Nghe An

Cave in Nghe An
Cave in Nghe An

If you want to go to the border gate to Laos, you can move another 170km to Nam Can or to Muong Luong to admire the majestic and peaceful beauty of Ky Son mountains.

Border gate with Laos
Border gate with Laos

I stayed at Quy Tho Homestay Nghe An for 3 days. With me, they are passionate people who love the homestay profession. They are extremely attentive to tourists and extremely attentive. Thai dishes, along with attractive storytelling style of Homestay owners. Coming to Quy Thoa, you will surely have more beautiful stories to bring home.


Address: Mon Son Commune, Con Cuong District, Nghe An Province

Phone: 0965.944.337

Facebook: Homestay Quy Thoa


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