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Ninh Binh Homestay,

If you want to relax, live slowly with rocks, water, lotus, then Chez Beo Homestay in Ninh Binh is the most ideal choice for you. No need to explore Ninh Binh much to do, because, right inside the premises of Chez Beo, you have seen a large Ninh Binh.

The good place

Located in Tam Coc ferry station, Ninh Binh, Chez Beo Ninh Binh homestay becomes an extremely ideal destination for tourists. From here, you can move to other tourist destinations just a few kilometers to see all of Ninh Binh.

Ninh Binh Homestay
The view ninh binh homestay so good

Charming mountain

When you come to Chez Beo, you will be living slowly, near to nature. With a total of 10 bungalows, the rooms are fully equipped with fan, heater, hair dryer, bed, wifi tables and chairs for tourists.

Ninh Binh Homestay
The inner bridge of Ninh Binh Homestay

Come to Chez Beo Homestay Ninh Binh you will live in harmony with nature, away from technology equipment for you to freely experience.

In particular, in the lotus bloom season, visitors will feel like they are lost in the real paradise.

Freely sailing

One of the most interesting experiences I found most enjoyable when I came to Chez Beo was sailing on the water, and below it was the fragrant lotus flowers. In the morning, the sun just sprouted, the birds singing, the sound of running water, everything here looked so peaceful and idyllic.

Ninh Binh Homestay
Boat in Ninh Binh homestay

Cuisine at Chez Beo Homestay Ninh Binh

Homemade cuisine, delicious, nutritious, especially, the food here is taken from nature will bring you strange meals.

Ninh Binh Homestay
Food in homestay


The biggest plus point of Chez Beo Ninh Binh homestay is that the large natural space helps tourists can enjoy sightseeing, especially living slowly. Part of the price at Chez Beo Homestay is also very affordable for travelers, the price is only from 360,000 VND including breakfast for 1 person.

Ninh Binh Homestay
Room in homestay

The staff here is quite friendly, knowledgeable about Ninh Binh tourism and other places.The move to other tourist destinations is quite close: Tam Coc 1.1km, Bich Dong 2.6km, Dance Cave 1kmThe drawback of this homestay is that it is located in the middle of the swamp, so there are often mosquitoes.

People traveling here should buy mosquito repellent before sleeping to prevent mosquito.


Phone: 094 391 71 35

Address: Kha Luong, Ninh Thang, Hoa Lu, Ninh Binh

Fanpage: Chez Beo Homestay Ninh Binh

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