NamDinh Farm & Homestay – A white house nestled on the rice fields

Homestay Nam Dinh,

I returned to Nam Dinh at 7pm. That day, I remember I moved continuously from Hung Yen, through Phu Ly Ha Nam, back down to Thai Binh and finally landed safely in Nam Dinh. In the evening, I came across a house with beautiful electric lights. When I woke up in the morning, I knew that this was a beautiful house, nestled in rice fields. So my journey to explore the land of Nam Dinh started with exploring NamDinh Farm & Homestay.

Homestay in Nam Dinh is completely green
This is a homestay built in a model close to nature, so when you step into the white gate, your whole world will be green.

The house is planted with many types of trees: longan, litchi, grapefruit, papaya, passion fruit to special flower plants such as jasmine, rose, orchid … Thanks to the green-covered space, this house makes this house. all looks so green, this makes tourists forget all about the fatigue in the crowded city.

the garden in homestay
the garden in homestay

Impressive rooms inside Nam Dinh Homestay
NamDinh Farm & Homestay is not only special on the outside, entering each room is also very impressive. This house has a total of 2 rooms for tourists to sleep.

The first private room can accommodate 6 people, fully equipped with cabinets, air conditioning, fan, clean beautiful sheets. There are beautiful pictures inside this room!

many tree and flower in homestay
many tree and flower in homestay

The 2nd private room can accommodate 4 people, inside there is a table with makeup mirror and wardrobe. This room is also fully equipped with a fan, air-conditioning for tourists when needed.

Outside the 2nd private room is a large space for tourists to relax. A small bed for guests to sit on the guitar cushion, opposite is a bookshelf with many kinds of books for all ages. In the evening, tourists can sit around here to enjoy soothing songs from the guitar.

The bathroom is always clean. This is also something that I really like when going to homestays in Vietnam. The bathroom has a full range of showers, toilets, and towels for tourists in need.

Prime location
From NamDinh Farm & Homestay, you move to extremely close tourist destinations. You can go about 1km more to visit Chi Thien church – the old church in Chi Thien village. Then cycle slowly to see the fragrant wildflowers on the side of the road, watch the ripe rice fields, admire the areca gardens rich in cultural beauty.

the landcapse so  beautifull
the landcapse so beautifull

Not only that, you can move another 2.5km to go to Quyet Nhat Church – Nghia Hung’s Cathedral – Place with beautiful yellow color, will make you extremely love this peaceful place.

From this place, you can also cycle around the banks of the dike to watch the nets set up by the people, in the afternoon, the buffaloes sow down on the dike to bathe. Stop at a corner on the side of the road, then slowly watch the sun set behind the mountains. That place is really so peaceful!

phat diem temple
phat diem temple

In Nam Dinh, 2km away, there is a church. So coming to Nam Dinh, you can check in churches in Nam Dinh. However, there is one church that you should not miss when coming to Chi Thien village that is Phat Diem Church in Phat Diem, Ninh Binh. Called Ninh Binh, but it is only about 10km from NamDinh Farm & Homestay. You just need to go through the ferry to see this oldest church in the North. It is known as the Catholic capital, and is also home to an extremely unique church architecture.

Experiencing 3 days and 3 nights throughout Nam Dinh is never enough for an enthusiast to explore. However, I also have to arrange luggage to move to a new land. During the days at NamDinh Farm & Homestay, Grandpa and Grandma welcomed and helped me a lot. They are considerate, careful, and extremely deep. Because I had suffered many injuries in the war, sitting next to my grandparents, I heard many profound stories from them. Therefore, that house is not merely a tomb
Thank you very much to NamDinh Farm & Homestay for supporting me throughout my journey through Vietnam in Nam Dinh!

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