Khuoi Ky village, a beautiful place around the Ban Gioc waterfall

I lived in Cao Bang for 2 months, and the place I chose was a Tay village over 200 years old – Khuoi Ky stone village, Dam Thuy Cao Bang. If you are a culture lover just like me, then continue reading the following lines that I wrote about this peaceful village.

Khuoi Ky stone village is an ancient stone village of Tay people. The village has a history of over 200 years. There are 14 stone stilt houses in the village, lying on the back of the mountain and facing the beautiful Khuoi Ky stream.The reason is called stone village because all the houses inside this village are made of stone.


Back to the history of the years 1594-1677, when a men Mac came to Cao Bang to explore and build a citadel. The stone stilt houses of the Tày people were built and preserved until today.


Everyday, in the afternoon, I took a walk to explore the ancient houses inside the stone village. Each house was built of stone, so that the stone was strong, these stilt houses were plastered with lime and mortar to form a strong stronghold. The Tày people's houses are all covered with yin and yang tile roofs, inside the stilt houses are covered with wooden vats and gnats. Usually the house will have odd spaces: 3 spaces, 5 spaces. The Tày people think that the house must have an odd space, if building a space, it will be very difficult to do business and sometimes it will be bad for the health of the homeowner. The main compartments of stilt houses are usually the kitchen, the sleeping room and the worshiping space.

The scenery inside the homestay
The scenery inside the homestay

The altar of the Tày people is very special, usually the altar is high up, on the altar, they worship their ancestors. Besides, there are often special sentences to wish for good luck for the family.

 Tay home has many small windows, the back often has 6 windows and the front is similar. The Tay's house will have three main compartments: the compartment for cattle at the bottom, the middle compartment for people and the top compartment for rice paddy.

Honestly, the cattle compartment has a very unpleasant odor, especially when you eat rice, you can smell cow dung and pig dung from bottom to top. So today, homestayers are no longer raising cattle because the smell of cattle is so bad, it will make tourists feel suspicious.


People living in Khuoi Ky stone village are Tay people, they have very beautiful cultural lifestyle. Every day, they often go to the fields to make rice, make maize, raise buffaloes, cows and goats. At night, they went home to learn intrustment tradittional. Most of the old people in the village will wear traditional clothes, while the young people wear only when the occasion takes place.

Young people, besides farming, often choose to trade at Ban Gioc Waterfall or Nguom Ngao Cave. Others will work in China to earn money to support their families, while others choose to carry goods and carry goods exported to China.

The scenery outside the homestay
The scenery outside the homestay

People in Khuoi Ky stone village choose Khuoi Ky stream to make a common living. Here, every day, I still see the women, mothers come to the stream to wash their hair, wash vegetables, wash clothes. The children in the village chose to take their naps to take their clothes naked and bathe together from a certain perspective I do not remember, I had a full view of the stone village. Peaceful, quiet. Honestly, anyone who has lived in a rock village for a long time like me will find it difficult to say goodbye to an ancient, beautiful, poetic and lyrical stone village.

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