Is Vietnam safe to travel?

Just like many other traveler as well, when i come to a country, i will worry about safe here. Do they use guns?Is politics stable?What are the people like there..vvv. If one day, you come to Viet Nam, you also worry like me, let’s see at this post.

Where is Vietnam?

Vietnam is a country in Asia, its in the East, in Southeast Asia. So, they call us the East. 

On maps, Vietnam shares its land border with China to the North, and Laos, Cambodia to the west, It share its maritime borders with Thailand thround the Gulf Thailand, and the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia through the South Sea.

Vietnam maps
Vietnam maps

Vietnam have capital city is Hanoi, and bigcity is Ho Chi Minh city, also known by its former name of Saigon.

Is Vietnam safe to travel?

If you travel in Vietnam, you will be surprised. Area is 331.212km2, and Population is 96.208.984. Our country divided into 3 region: Noth, Central, South. Each region is a culture. Thats why, it creates cultural diversity of Vietnamese people.

Around Vietnam
Vietnam maps

Around Vietnam[/caption]

The gentle Vietnamese people, hospitality, if you have any problems, please thanks to the help of the people before meeting the police. Because, in some cases, the police doesn’t arrive in time.

Politicially, Vietnam belongs to the communist party, we were one-party. About the law, the use of guns is prohibited by the state, if there were any fights already, there would be police assist.

However, in the big city like Ho Chi Minh city, you should take good care of your personal belonggings. Don’t listen to the phone on the street if don’t want to be robbed, don’t go overnight alone if you don’t want to meet a few pervert. Just like other country also, when you travel alone, you must be alert to strangers.


A foreigner once said, taking in traffic in Vietnam is like an advanture game. Our country use motobikes mostly, but bigcity have many cars, during rush hours, traffic jam often occurs, crossing the road is very dangerous in Vietnam. You have to learn how to cross the street in Vietnam ( I will write other post for you).

When i was backpacking around Vietnam, i witnessed many traffic accidents by foreigners. There are many reasons to traffic accidents, but the main reason is they don’t obey the traffic laws. There are a lot of the road is dangerous, if you don’t read the newspaper, don’t read topic of other blogger, you don’t understand about my country, you are definitely in danger.

BenThanh Market in Saigon

BenThanh Market in Saigon[/caption]

I was read a blog post by other blogger in Canada, he’s write: Why, i’ll never return to Vietnam. He argues a lot, but there are 3 main problems:constantly hassled, overcharged, ripped off, and treated badly by the locals…

Maybe it was a bad experience, and i’m so sorry about that. When you travel around Southest Asia, you will encounter the same things. So, the best way to travel is to be proactive in all. Don’t be fooled, try not to be in danger…

Finally, welcome to Vietnam, safe country for traveler, but let’s learn a some rules when you come to Vietnam. It will be safe for you.

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