I told you about the mother living in two modes and specialties in Kon Tum

I call her mother, because she is exactly like my mother. Probably because I have an affinity with her, and I must also be the luckiest person in the world to meet her.

I live in Kon Tum until it is the 15th day. I live right at her house. She loves me like a girl, every morning when I wake up, I see her prepare a glass of warm lemonade for me to drink because she knows I only like hot water in the morning.

Me and her family
Me and her family

At night, before going to bed, I kept cooing to her about everything in the world, about a few memories I met on the road, about the boy I liked, about the way I fought back, in danger…

Few people know that that small woman, who still makes honey-soaked banana every day, makes coffee for customers, used to work as a deputy director of the largest honey company in Kon Tum.

the banana has been pressed
the banana has been pressed
pressed bananas impregnated with honey
pressed bananas impregnated with honey
banana by ethnic pass for Mrs Trinh in Kon Klor suspension bridge
banana by ethnic pass for Mrs Trinh in Kon Klor suspension bridge

The day before the liberation, she said, when she was still a girl, she was walking on the street, seeing a little girl with bombs and bullets full of people. She loved chidren so much, so she brought baby up to take care of him. That baby would later become her child.

That day, the company grew, she once had a dream, to build a small house and bring up all the abandoned children. Later, the company went bankrupt, her husband was too shocked to lose, she was alone, and returned empty handed, raising a child with cerebral palsy.

Having gone through many waves of life, the woman who used to have a beautiful voice to sweet, won a city-level award in Ho Chi Minh, who was a teacher, who used to be the owner of a secret company. Kon Tum’s largest bee, who used to live fully in both regimes is still trying to raise his child with cerebral palsy.

Her banana honey-infused with ginger,, and her wild honey bottles were delicious. She also wants to pass the job on to someone who truly loves it, but so far she has searched for it but has not come out yet.

Coming to Tet, anyone who needs to buy honey-soaked banana as a gift for relatives or as Tet gifts, call her right away at 0914.024.664 to pre-order. Who can not come, want to buy online, just call her, she sends the goods to the address. Partly we have more gifts, the part we support and help for the mother and her children during the difficult days.

display cosmetic products
display cosmetic products

Her honey-impregnated banana dish is a specialty in Kon Tum, a special banana because it is taken from the field of the people across the Kon Klor suspension bridge, honey is from Kon Tum forest. She has been making this specialty for 20 years, that’s why it’s delicious and sweet.

Every day, I see her at work I feel emotion. Do the pants from morning to night, until the night of 1am, I do not go to bed, the morning, at 5am, I got up quickly and then worked. The Central Highlands is sunny and windy, but the Central Highlands also gave birth to people with steel spirit.

Anyone who comes back to Kon Tum, remember to visit her salty cafe. Then if you do not have a chance to stop by, remember to buy her honey-soaked banana, to reduce the worry of making money for both mothers and children!

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