How long is the time from Danang to Hanoi by train?

One fine day, when I just finished my journey through Vietnam in Hoi An, Quang Nam, I returned to Da Nang to send my beloved motorbike back to Saigon after 9 months of rain and sunshine together on the road.  I  taking a train to Hanoi to go back to Ha Giang to live 3 more months. If you have never taken the train, this is probably a very interesting article for you.

Train tickets from Da Nang to Hanoi
One day before departure, I moved to Da Nang Station to buy tickets. Actually, there are many types of tickets for you to choose from. I choose a soft seat ticket with air conditioner belonging to the SE2 train of Thong Nhat train.

Train ticket from Da Nang to Hanoi I bought is 810,000 VND. This ticket price does not include meals on board. If on the train, you want to eat rice or buy any item, you can take out your personal pocket money and buy it.

Ticket train in Da Nang Station
Ticket train in Da Nang Station

If it is the first time taking a train from Da Nang to Hanoi, do not worry too much. On the train ticket from Da Nang to Hanoi, there is clearly information including: train number, departure date, departure time, car number, seat number, type of ticket, full name, ID number, train ticket amount. Even on the train ticket, people also note clearly the website information for you to look up if you have any problems while riding the train.

How long is the time from Danang to Hanoi by train?
After buying the ticket, I returned to the homestay in Da Nang. Prepare for a journey to Hanoi tomorrow by train.

Wait to train move to Hanoi
Wait to train move to Hanoi

Today Da Nang’s sky is beautiful. 12 pm, I packed all my belongings to the Da Nang train station to wait for the train. How long is the time from Danang to Hanoi by train? Not too long. Only 16 hours. At 2 pm the train departs, until 7:00 am the next morning to arrive.

Review how long is the time from Danang to Hanoi by train?
After going to the counter to check tickets. I moved to Da Nang train station to get on the train. Go find train number 2 and seat number 8. It is summer now, the summer sun of the Central is pouring fire on my face. Sitting on the soft air-conditioned chair inside the train I felt like I wanted to explode my head. The sun was so hot.

There is an interesting revelation for those who take the train for the first time from Da Nang to Hanoi is that on the way out, you will have many companions.

I was sitting on the train, watching a match and sleeping when a friend appeared. It was a Korean guy over 30 years old who was also on the same trip. With companionship, the journey is more pleasant. I opened the bag to get a bag of candy bought from Danang and gave him a piece. He smiled at me and held a piece of cake. Continuing, I gave him a second piece, the man still smiled. Then, he opened his backpack and gave me a piece of Korean original mask cockroach. I’m so funny, receiving gifts but feeling happy.

The man went to Hue to get off Hue train station, I said goodbye to him and continued on the journey.

Just like that, the train goes forever. On the train, in the evening food and drink are served. Low-end meals, my meals consisted of pork, bean sprouts, and fish sauce. It is also temporary, because the price is not high, only 40,000 VND / part.

A Food for a passenger in train
A Food for a passenger in train

At night, I looked across the road to see houses and streets. Those are the places I’ve come across by motorbike. Please, I’m a little bit lingering about the nine-month ride by motorbike.

7:00 am I officially arrive at Hanoi  Station. End the train journey from Da Nang to Hanoi. What an interesting journey.

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