Trieu Ta Quyen Homestay in Hoang Su Phi – A simple house of the Red Dao

One afternoon, I walked in the rice fields to go home to his house – Trieu Ta Quyen, a Red Dao in Nam Hong village, Thong Nguyen commune, Hoang Su Phi district, Ha Giang province. I put down my tripod, took a few photos, captured the best moments in the land of golden tree bark. And so finally, after walking 2km, I got to that house. Start the journey to discover the house of the Red Dao.


There was an old house neatly located under a hill

Trieu Ta Quyen Homestay is an old house of the Red Dao, the house is made entirely of wood. As soon as I entered this house, I felt at home. The house is warm, with a palm-roof covering the top of the head, all covered with wood and earthen floors.

The house is divided into 3 compartments: the kitchen, the living room and the sleeping room. Each compartment is clearly separated from each other.

Trieu Ta Quyen homestay
Trieu Ta Quyen homestay

Entering the traditional house of a Red Dao, you will be surprised to see their ancestor's altar, a small altar, next to hanging decorative items of the Red Dao.

At Trieu Ta Quyen Homestay, you will see a lot of dorm beds for tourists. Usually, the price will be 100,000 VND for dorm beds. For those who want a quiet, separate space, they can sleep separately with a larger, more open room, the price is still 100,000 VND / person, the capacity of a private room can be up to 6 people.

Regional cuisine at Trieu Ta Quyen Homestay

At Trieu Ta Quyen Homestay Hoang Su Phi, you will admire the poached ethnic dishes such as carp terraced field, tofu, wild giant vegetables, eggs, Pig, Chicken … Lunch  and Evening will be priced at 150,000 VND / session.

For breakfast, tourists will eat dishes such as fried noodles, cakes for guests, sometimes soup …

Go trekking at Trieu Ta Quyen Homestay Hoang Su Phi

Depending on the request, tourists can book trekking service in Trieu Ta Quyen. The price for trekking is 300,000 VND / day. The trekking content will go through the villages of the Mong and the Red Dao, visit the terraced fields, participate in the experience of picking tea, cutting rice with the people here.

Other experiences in Trieu Ta Quyen Homestay Hoang Su Phi

Coming to Trieu Ta Quyen, you can soak in the medicinal water of the Red Dao. Medicinal plants are picked down from the mountains and cooked for guests to bathe. When you take a cigarette bath, all illnesses in your body will disappear, leaving only satisfaction, happiness, great comfort and comfort.

Foot bath experience
Foot bath experience

After a cigarette-smoking bath, tourists can soak their feet in warm water with the medicine, for a healthy body.

From February to October, tourists can go tea picking with the Red Dao here. Tea is grown in the mountains, it takes 2km to walk to the tea hill, to pick tea all day by hand. This is an extremely interesting experience that I did at Trieu Ta Quyen Homestay.

And another special thing, when you come home, you will be with Ms. Moang – wife of Mr. Trieu Ta Quyen Homestay to show how to embroider. Few people know that, behind the rustic and simple look of the woman is a very skillful hand, meticulous with each needle thread when embroidering.

Red Dao woman embroidery
Red Dao woman embroidery

3 days is a great time for me to live and work with my family. This is a homestay is so kindly, and enthusiastic  I know of Hoang Su Phi. If you come Hoang Su Phi, please which remember to visit the Homestay, and experience an extra night of sleep, to feel the soul of the Red Dao people on the border.


Address: Hamlet Nam Hong, Thong Nguyen Commune, Hoang Su Phi District, Ha Giang Province

Phone: 0382.866.054

Facebook: Trieu Ta Quyen

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