Gio Lao Eco Lodge – Nghe An homestay is located in the center of tea island

Nghe An Homestay,

The season I came, was exactly the season when the Laos wind blew the strongest, so I stayed here to welcome the Lao wind with his family, Tho – the owner of Gio Lao Eco Lodge. Perhaps, influenced by the Lao wind, the people here are as tough and strong as the name he named for his homestay. I stayed in Nghe An for 14 days, except for days moving to Con Cuong, I stayed at Gio Lao Homestay.

The name represents the correct climatic zone

In the North Central region, a little more clearly, Nghe An and Ha Tinh are two provinces strongly influenced by the Lao wind. Each rushing wind takes away a portion of human strength. However, the children in Nghe An still do not give up to nature, they stand up as a Homestay to support the tourists coming here to visit.

tourist come homestay
tourist come homestay

The owner of the Homestay is Mr. Tho – A native of Ha Tinh but married in Nghe An, so he also lives his whole life in the land of Nghe An.

Mr. Tho told me that he named the Lao wind because it expresses the true nature of the climate here. After 14 days here, I have really absorbed the Lao wind what is like.

bedroom in homestay
bedroom in homestay

Gio Lao Eco Lodgeis a small homestay located entirely in the center of the tea island.  Eco Lodge is located at Km741 + 300 Ho Chi Minh trail, in Thanh An commune, Thanh Chuong district, Nghe An province.

The cozy wooden rooms of the Thai people

In the west of Nghe An, the Thai and the Mong make up a lot, so the style of Gio Lao Eco Lodge has a bit of the direction of the Thai people.

All houses are built with Doi wood, the house is built into 2 floors, the upper floor is used for rest, the lower floor is used for relaxation.

bedroom in homestay
bedroom in homestay

The upper floor of this Nghe An Homestay is divided into 2 compartments, a separate bedroom and a dorm bedroom.

The private room is beautifully decorated with flowers. The room is cozy thanks to the yellow electric light. Rooms are fully equipped with warm blankets. Standing from this room, you can see the whole view of the tea island.

Dorm room is quite large, accommodating up to 30 people. Here, tourists will sleep together and talk together. The homestay owner has cleverly added small lights for tourists to read. The dorm room is quite airy because there are many windows, on the wooden wall, decorated with the clothes of the Mong people.

Because it is built of wood and has yellow electric lights, the Gio Lao Eco Lodge is extremely cozy from the outside. At night, tourists like to go out on the porch, lie in the hammock to relax and read.

restaurant in homestay
restaurant in homestay

To serve food, the owner of Nghe An Homestay has built a restaurant for tourists. The restaurant is delicately built, with wooden tables, wooden chairs, the center is an aquarium, on top is covered by palm leaves. The space of the restaurant is extremely large, in the evening, the guests here will do BBQ parties, eat, exchange, dance in this space.

Wind Laos Eco Lodge specializes in catering to the request of tourists, renting kayaks and self-rowing boards, where they also organize exchange programs, camp fires, drink cans with fellow citizens. Ethnic minorities in this area, especially singing folk songs on the boat miles.

In addition, Gio Lao Eco Lodgealso organizes tours to explore the majestic natural beauty in Western Nghe An, serving both wedding photography and conference photography in the center of the tea island.

Good location of  Gio Lao Eco Lodge

Gio Lao Eco Lodgeis a homestay Nghe An with a prime location. Wind Laos Eco Lodge is located in the center of the tea island, so from here you can visit the tea island, watch the green tea hills from above or surf the water quickly.

From Wind Laos Eco Lodge, you can also explore the lives of the people around this area. When they were sailing, fishing, or when the villagers were making tea on the island.

tea island
tea island

In the afternoon, if you want to swim in tea island, you can also put on a life jacket and jump into the bath water. Or move another 14km to the Rain waterfall, admire the beauty of the Rain waterfall and immerse yourself under the beautiful waterfall.

If you want to explore Western Nghe An, you can move another 60km to Con Cuong, to sail on the water in the Giang river, admire the majestic beauty of Khe Kem waterfall, or go to Dan Lai village, visit people ethnic minorities in Nghe An.

dan lai village
dan lai village

From Con Cuong, you can move more than 170km to the Nam Can border gate in Muong Xen, on Sunday, the ethnic minorities here: Thai, Lao, Mong, Dan Lai will gather, busy Her colorful clothes to go to the market. The scene of the market was chuckling, helping you to gain more understanding about the lives of ethnic people bordering Laos.

From Muong Xen, go another 50km to admire the majestic and peaceful beauty of Muong Lang. Where there is a winding road like the roads in the Northwest. From the majestic slopes, you will see the mountains and forests of the beautiful western land of Nghe An.

muong long border gate
muong long border gate

Or if you want to go to the sea, you can go another 50km to Cua Lo beach, watch the islands offshore, immerse yourself in the clear blue waters of Cua Lo beach, watch the fishermen fishing. , catch fish.

In general, in Nghe An, homestay Cua Lo, homestay in Vinh Nghe An city are not many. The presence of Gio Lao Eco Lodge has helped visitors somewhat reduce worries about sleeping Homestay in Nghe An.

I stayed at Gio Lao Eco Lodge for a long time, so I have a lot of feelings about this Homestay. Clean, delicious and enthusiastic with tourists. In particular, the owner here was also a traveler, he also went all over Vietnam, so his geographic knowledge is very wide. To Gio Lao Eco Lodge, to hear him tell stories in Nghe An and other areas was very heartwarming. If you have one day to visit Nghe An, remember Gio Lao Eco Lodge to let yourself in the secret stories in the western part of Nghe An!


Address: Km741 + 300 Ho Chi Minh trail, Thanh An commune, Thanh Chuong district, Nghe An province

Phone: 0975.29.28.29 or 091.221.3636

Fanpage: Gio Lao Eco Lodge



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