Dak Nong travel experience 3 Days 2 Nights from Vietnam’s Travel Blogger

Dak Nong is one of the provinces in the Central Highlands. If you are planning to go to the Central Highlands, please read this article to understand the Dak Nong 3 days 2 nights travel experience. We invite you to follow along.

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Where is Dak Nong located?

Dak Nong is a province in the Central Highlands, Central Vietnam. 125km from Buon Ma Thuot, 689km from Da Nang, 1358km from Hanoi and 250km from Ho Chi Minh City. Dak Nong has a rather special location because it borders Cambodia, and has a border with Dak Lak.

Ta Dung Lake travel experience 1 day 1 night

Located at an altitude of 600-700m above sea level, Ta Dung alone is 1982 meters high, so the climate of this province is quite similar to Da Lat, very cool.

Along with other Central Highlands provinces, Dak Nong is considered a province with many beautiful places to visit. Coming here, you cannot ignore the landmarks of Ta Dung Lake, 5-storey waterfall, tea fields, to caves. This is one of the beautiful places in the Central Highlands.

Transportation to Dak Nong

Currently, to move to Dak Nong, you have many ways such as taking a plane (to Buon Ma Thuot airport), coach, and motorbike mainly. Particularly in the Central Highlands provinces, there are no trains passing through. Book at here.

Where to sleep in Dak Nong?

In Dak Nong, you can choose from many homestays. Some homestays you can refer to are as follows:

– Ta Dung Topview homestay

– Megarden Valley

– Montagnards home farm

– Lucky house Krong No

– Homestay Bien Ho

– Yumin’s House

– Freedom Green Farmstay

– Leaves Homestay Dak Mil

– Ta Dung Ely Homestay

– Gia Huan Homestay

– Van Lam Hill Homestay Dak Nong

Dak Nong travel experience 3 days 2 nights from Vietnam’s Travel Blogger

Day 1: Gia Nghia Church – Sun Flower Hill – Dak Tit Lake – Tea Hill

Gia Nghia Church

If you sleep in Gia Nghia, remember to check in to Gia Nghia church. This is an old church, located right next to the blue lake. Have a coffee at the lakeside and take advantage of going to see the ancient church and pray for the good things in life.

Dak Nong travel experience 3 Days 2 Nights

Sunflowers Hill

A special thing in Dak Nong is the sunrise flowers everywhere. But the people here also zone the fields of sun flowers. If on the right occasion the flowers bloom, you are considered to be earning valuables. Enjoy the beautiful flowers and check in to take pictures with the flowers.

Dak Tit Lake

The lake is in the suburbs of Gia Nghia, it is wonderful to catch the sunrise in this lake. This is also the time when you allow yourself to relax and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

best places must visit in Dak Nong

Tea Hill

Besides the sun flower hill, the tea hill is also a worthy place to check in. In February and March, people will cut off the tea leaves, then the young tea leaves will grow to make the tea hill green and fresh.

best places must visit in Dak Nong

Day 2: 5 Floor Waterfall

Dak Sin Waterfall is also known as 5-tier waterfall. As a waterfall with 5 floors, the waterfall is white in the water season, is a great tourist destination in the Central Highlands. To the waterfall, you do not need to spend a ticket, remember to bring food to enjoy beer under the waterfall.

Half a day to the waterfall, the other half of the day, move to Ta Dung lake. You can take advantage of the night at Ta Dung Topview Homestay. One of the most beautiful homestay in Ta Dung.

Day 3: Ta Dung Lake

Enjoy the beauty of Ta Dung Lake by getting up early, renting a boat to enjoy the beauty of the lake. Blue water surface, large and small clusters of rocky islands, with green forests. Listen to the breath of nature, of the fishermen’s fishing days and immerse in its beauty. Read more the post: Ta Dung Lake travel experience 1 day 1 night from Vietnam’s Travel Blogger.

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