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I have just returned from a trip to Dak Lak, so I have a lot of experience in Dak Lak. In this article, I will tell you in detail about my 2-day Dak Lak travel itinerary.

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Zan Homestay

This is not my first time to Dak Lak. If you have read the article about Dak Lak travel experience, then you will know about your 1-year journey through Vietnam when moving to Dak Lak. Last time I stayed at Highland House, but this time the homestay was full, so I decided to choose Zan Homestay. This homestay is quite lovely, located on Ho Giao Street of Buon Ma Thuot City. It’s about 2km from the center, so it’s a bit deserted. In return, I find the host quite friendly, a homestay in Buon Ma Thuot is quite lovely and eye-catching, decorated like European houses. I recommend you can stay at this homestay. I stayed 2 nights, each night costs 360.000vnd for a spacious room for 2 people, with its own toilet.

best homestay in buon ma thuot

Dak Lak travel experience 2 days 1 night

Day 1: Ta Dung Lake – Draynur Waterfall – Buon Ma Thuot

I left Ta Dung Lake early in the morning. That morning, me and my sister traveled about 100km from Ta Dung Lake to Draynur Waterfall – One of the symbols of Dak Lak. Honestly, the road in Dak Nong is okay, but when I just followed the road to Draynur waterfall, I felt shocked. The road to the Draynur waterfall is too bad, there are many quarries nearby, so the truck rammed all the roads. Compared to 4 years ago, this time I came back and found the road deserted and ugly.

Dak Lak travel experience 2 days 1 night

Arrive at Draynur waterfall at 2pm. I took a walk around the souvenir shop. The souvenirs are quite nice, including brocade, coffee, and even bandanas. Many products like me are trading at www.khankm0.com so I love them very much. This season, the water at Draynur waterfall is not much, still the same as the previous years I went. Take a few photos and finish the trip, move back to Buon Ma Thuot city.

In the evening, after checking in Zan homestay, my sister and I went to the heifer shop to eat. This is also a specialty dish in Dak Lak you should try. Very delicious beef, located on Tran Nhat Duat street in Buon Ma Thuot city. In the evening, after going to the laundromat to send clothes, return to the homestay to sleep.

Day 2: Buon Ma Thuot City – Lak Lake

The morning of the second day when waking up in Buon Ma Thuot. I intend to go to Buon Ma Thuot coffee museum. But when Son – a veteran guide in Dak Lak came, he guided me to more interesting places.

Son came to pick me up and my sister to go to a noodle shop of Buon Ma Thuot. This dish is cooked quite well, you can see the picture below.

Dak Lak travel experience 2 days 1 night

Then we went to have ice cream coffee. Son told me this dish is very delicious and also a specialty of Dak Lak. I tried it at a flat coffee shop located in BMT city. Ice cream coffee is number 1.

After that, Son took me to the “Rich House” village of Buon Ma Thuot. This dealer is Ako Dhong. I rented Ede ethnic clothes for 70,000 VND to go to cafes and houses of Ede ethnic people to take pictures. The characteristic of this village is that the front is a wooden house, but the back is like a castle, every house has a big car. That’s right, “trading the rich”.

After this journey, we moved to the rubber forest to take pictures. In the Central Highlands, if you travel, you must visit the rubber forest, not to see the rubber, but mainly to take pictures. There are many mosquito bites in the forest, so Son has a bottle of mosquito spray ready for him. After taking pictures for a long time, I moved to Y Sol’s house for lunch.

Dak Lak travel experience 2 days 1 night

It can be said that having lunch in the house of the M’Nong is a very special feeling for me. Today, Y Sol cooked 3 dishes: ash soup, goby and wild vegetables for us to eat. The dish is said to be a specialty of the M’nong people. Basically, I find it quite interesting. I wrote an article titled Finding Y Sol House – Homestay in Lak Lake of the M’nong, you can refer to.

Sit and play with Y Sol but forget the way home. It was also almost 4pm. Son and I moved to Lak Lake. A few years ago, when I came to Lak Lake, the landscape was still very wild, but after 4 years of returning, I was overwhelmed because the development speed in Lak Lake was so strong. Now the type of tourism with elephants has developed, people no longer sit on elephants but can take pictures with elephants, express their love for elephants.


I had a wonderful set of photos with an elephant named Kham Sen – 34 years old who is also an old but very friendly elephant near Lak Lake. In the afternoon, I just fed the elephant with bananas and took pictures with the elephant. After 30 minutes, the elephant herder has to take the elephant to the forest to sleep and release the elephant back to the wild.

Dak Lak travel experience 2 days 1 night

This journey is full of regrets. I still have 2 spots that I haven’t gone to this time, which are the brocade village and the elephant rock mountain. Hope to have the opportunity to visit the other two places next time.

Dak Lak travel experience 2 days 1 night


Above is my Dak Lak travel experience 2 days 1 night. The experience is not too much because time is too short. Son is a veteran guide. After 4 years of meeting again, you are still the same, still with a warm, cute voice and inspirational stories. One day, I will return to the Central Highlands to visit places that I have not been to. Wish you have an interesting trip in Dak Lak!

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