Top 10 best places must visit in Dak Nong

The best places must visit in Dak Nong is told by young people to travel to Dak Nong more fully. In this article, Xu Kien Blogger would like to present to you the Top 10 best places must visit in Dak Nong that should not be missed. We invite you to follow along.

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Ta Dung Lake

Ta Dung Lake is likened to a miniature Ha Long Bay of Dak Nong, a beautiful place like a picture from a comic book. Standing above looking down, you can see the clusters of green trees, the water is as clear as jade. Traveling to Ta Dung Lake, you can rent a boat to run along the lake to feel the sweetness of this peaceful lake. Currently, there are many homestays in Ta Dung Lake, but Topview Homestay Ho Ta Dung is the most interested.

best places must visit in Dak Nong

Dak Sin 5 storey waterfall

Dak Sin 5-storey waterfall is one of the extremely beautiful Dak Nong tourist destinations. This place has a 5-storey waterfall, majestic and beautiful. One thing you should note is that this waterfall is still very wild, and the way in is difficult, so you need to be careful. In the flood season, you should not go to the waterfall to bathe because flash floods often occur, dangerous. In other seasons, the 5-storey waterfall is beautiful and beautiful.

best places must visit in Dak Nong

Yok Don National Park Dak Nong

Yok Don – A very local name, this is the largest special-use forest in Vietnam. The garden is located on a flat land, with two small mountains to the south of the river Srepok. It has wild scenery, majestic mountains, and is loved by many people.

best places must visit in Dak Nong

Chu Bluk Volcanic Cave

Chu Bluk is the longest volcanic cave in Southeast Asia, with a majestic and unspoiled mountain landscape. Inside there are more than 100 large and small caves created from backwashed lava flows millions of years ago.

best places must visit in Dak Nong

Troh Buu Ecological Park

With wild and majestic scenery, this place is a Dak Nong tourist destination worth checking in. You will have many outdoor play areas, and at the same time relax with an extremely fun atmosphere.

best places must visit in Dak Nong

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Dak Nong people have a museum of Vietnamese people, here, you will see the cultural features of the people in Dak Nong. This is also the place to connect with the tourism and education system across Daks Nong province.

best places must visit in Dak Nong

Lake Ea Sno

Lake Ea Sno is a natural lake, with majestic mountain views. It has beautiful natural landscapes with extremely romantic roads. You can bring soup down here to row a boat, feel the beauty of the mountains.

best places must visit in Dak Nong

West Lake

A name quite similar to Hanoi’s West Lake, this is the place to check in Dak Nong, this place is still wild. Surrounded by lush coffee hills, with clear blue lakes. Here you also see the image of the water house, or the canoes are soaring on the water.

best places must visit in Dak Nong

Nam Nung tourist area

Along with the development of Dak Nong tourism industry, Nam Nung tourist resort is a beautiful scene in Dak Nong formed based on the wishes of many people. Here, you will witness the wild and majestic mountains, the blue, immense and pure water.

best places must visit in Dak Nong

Gia Nghia Tea Hill

Around the city of Gia Nghia, you can see green tea hills. This place has majestic natural scenery, tea picking girls, and smooth tea waves with young tea buds that will make you feel extremely comfortable.

best places must visit in Dak Nong

Above are the Top 10 best places must visit in Dak Nong. Hope you have found yourself beautiful landscapes and with your friends have an impressive trip to Dak Nong. Have a good trip!

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