Banana and Rose Homestay Ha Long – Located next to where the dragon sleeps

Ha Long Homestay,
Although the experience in Halong Bay for me is not as good as I had hoped for, but in return, I have a pretty good impression with Banana and Rose – the extremely lovely Homestay in the coastal Halong. Maybe, during my trip in the Bay, without Banana and Rose to make up for it, maybe my ride looked really ugly. If one day you come to Ha Long Bay, try to visit Banana and Rose – A peaceful house located next to where the dragon sleeps.

The dream home of many people
I walked up to Banana and Rose Homestay Ha Long one fine morning, after the time I slept at Bai Chay for 1 night. The person who picked me up was Ms. Dung – the owner of this lovely house. Her tall, gentle, and blessed figure makes me love her at first sight. After exchanging some information, I started walking to explore this dream home.

First, Banana and Rose Homestay Ha Long has 2 small houses located next to each other. Each house has its own bedroom and dorm room for tourists.

private room

I was very impressed with the layout in the private room: a working desk, next to a picture with the words of love, above which there is a picture woven with large wool. The pictures in this room make this place an extremely artistic place.

dorm room

Beside the smooth bed is a small table with a potted plant, the combination in this house space turns this place into a green world, close to nature.

Most especially, I’m still impressed is the bathroom of this room. Inside the toilet room, the toilet compartments are separate: the place where the towels are placed on a wooden shelf, the place where the face towel is in place, the place where the toothbrush is located. Very polite, professional !.

The dorm room has many small beds, divided into 2 floors. The design of this room is extremely creative and intelligent. In the center is a set of gray sofas, next to it is also a lovely green flower pot. The bathroom is divided into 2 compartments, one for bathing and one for cleaning. Dorm rooms are suitable for groups of friends.

Outside these two houses, planting a lot of flowers such as phoenix flowers, confetti, roses … Behind the house is a large space to eat and relax.

I am extremely impressed with the rules in Banana and Rose Homestay Ha Long. Because there is a note stating “Do not poke cats and dogs in the homestay”. I realized, at Banana and Rose Homestay Ha Long there are a lot of dogs and cats, Ms. Dung told me that, if the cat is fully at home, its number will be up to 60. She told me that the cat had finished giving birth to feed it, but she did not show it because she felt sorry. And the dog named Rabbit in this homestay is extremely cute, gentle, and friendly. So coming to this homestay, is like you are right at home.

The back yard is divided into 2 compartments, one is used for young people if they want to have a BBQ at night or can have a campfire, one compartment is a small green pool next to it. Tourists can come here to relax in the afternoon.

Food at Banana and Rose Homestay Ha Long
At Banana and Rose Homestay Ha Long, cuisine is carefully invested, from breakfast, lunch, dinner and dinner.

Breakfast menu is usually egg noodles. However, the egg noodle dish is not simply egg noodles, the owner of the homestay has turned this dish into a fine cuisine by combining with many ingredients: tomatoes, vegetables, eggs …

Regional cuisine in homestay
Regional cuisine in homestay

Lunch and dinner are often meals with a lot of seafood, making tourists extremely excited when coming to this homestay.
The cooking method here is very meticulous, meticulous and careful. That’s why the food is usually very beautiful and delicious.

Peaceful house next to where the dragon sleeps
Banana and Rose Homestay Ha Long is a Homestay located in Tuan Chau Island, Ha Long. Banana and Rose Homestay Ha Long is only 2km from the ticket buying point to the Bay. So it is very convenient for people to travel.

Ha Long island so beautifull
Ha Long island so beautifull

Banana and Rose Homestay Ha Long is a peaceful Homestay, located next to where the dragon sleeps. Here, with enthusiastic people, full of youth, love the job, will make you extremely love Ha Long in the nearest visit. Although my experience in Ha Long was not good, however, choosing this homestay made me extremely comfortable, helping me to shyly forget the frustrations I had encountered while traveling in Halong Bay. Welcome to Banana and Rose Homestay Ha Long – an extremely beautiful Homestay in Ha Long!

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