My stay was near the airport, maybe, that’s why I heard the sound of the plane so much. At dusk, when the sun stared to come down, while plane kept taking off, transporting passengers to faraway places.

I miss those times, when I look up at the sky and see the air plane wungs of plane. I look at them in aw they are so big, I’m overwhelmed in emotions. Then, I also wish, I can fly one day, I wish to take off, I wish to hit the roads, I wish to see new horizons, not just my hometown.

Spring on the border Viet Nam

One day of 2016, which I don’t remember exactly it is, just that it was at the beginning of autumn. I felt so bored with my job, that, I wanted to give up everything, I wanted to discover a new world that I love from when I was student, but, I never dare to think I could do it. My mother often said, if you want to do something, do it to the end. So, I quitted my job, and I started new journey. The adventure bigan, when I booked bus ticket to Da Lat. However, the journey that brought me to Ha Giang Province has been wonderful and I miss the people, I met and the places I went to.

Xu Kien in Dong Van, Ha Giang

Finally, I started to write a blog to share the experiences of my journey. So, here starts my story.

From 2016 to 2018, I went to many places from south to central Viet  Nam, Then, I stared see maps of Viet Nam. I felt I could go on forever

So, I thought, I would spend 1 year without seeing the whold country exploring all that S-shaped strip of land. In that year, I went to all 3 retions Norther, Central and Souther Viet Nam.


I transformed in to many engugeed with many different ethinic, trying to learn as much as possible. When I was Tay girl, when I was Thai girl, when I was a Dao Do girl, when I was Ba Na girl. After, I would come back to the Kinh nation with their traditional dresses.

Tet Holiday in Moc Chau, Son La

I did that for a while and after a year, I had set foot in all the places of Viet Nam. Then, I was satisfied and returned to Sai Gon.

My journey to conquer Viet Nam is not as easy as I thought, I had an accident in Hoa Binh, I had to be hospitalized because of an allergy in Cao Bang, I almost drowned in Du Gia, Ha Giang. And then, I met real perverts along the way. And even, near Quang Tri provice, I went to Laos to travel, I was told by the traffic police to give them money, after 187km, I ran out of money, out of gas and I didn’t know, how to come back to Viet Nam.

The season of ripe rice in Hoang Su Phi

But still, I received in exchange many things. Homestay owners that I would like to host in return give me their best support when I was in their hometown. I travel alone, but, I’m never alone. I meet many friend, not only VietNames, but also many people from other country. My foreign friend told me many story about the world out there and so my world grew bigger. I didn’t think about making money to come  back home, I thought more about seeing the world and to discover new horizons.

Nho Que river in Dong Van, Ha Giang

With Tay people in Xin Man, Ha Giang

With H'Mong people in Tay Con Linh, Ha Giang

When the sunrise, my dream also stared. I followed the sun shadow and immersed in that sweet dream. And now, that journey officially started!

A little information about myself:

– Name: Xu Kien

– Current jobs: Freelance jobs related to the Content Marketing, selling KM0 KHAN brand with traditional ethnic towels on the website www.khankm0.com with products such as brocade towels Mong ethnic group, Red Dao ethnic brocade scarf, Thai ethnic brocade scarf, Pashmina brocade scarf, red Dao ethnic brocade bag, turban scarf, bandana scarf, southern bandanna, multi-function scarf …

– The program of collaboration with newspapers:

1 / Vnexpress Newspaper

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– Getting lost in northern lakeside serenity
– Gia Lai, little known gem of Central Highlands
– Kon Tum hidden charm of Central Highlands

2 / Thanh Nien Newspaper

Ăn bánh cuốn 'kỳ lạ' chan với nước lèo: Bán 60 năm tít trên cao nguyên đá

Săn mây trên đỉnh Mã Pì Lèng: Cảnh đẹp đến nín thở

3 / Travellive Magazine

4 / Journal of HCMC National University, Trippy, Traveloka

5 / Press information written

Girls from the South to Moc Chau celebrate Tet

Girl spent 1 year traveling far from home

Tet holiday for young people

– Hobby: Traveling (this is mesmerizing) – especially in the unknown places, as dusty as possible, writing, music, reading, making videos introducing regions, food …

– First country to visit: Cambodia

– The most wanted place to live in Vietnam: Hà Giang




Finally, this is the website I created to share travel stories. I want to write in English to assist foreigners in finding information in Vietnam. However, English is my second language so do not be funny if you read the difficult paragraphs. Because My English so bad, I just try to write everything I know about Vietnam. Hope you can forgive my little mistakes.

If you have any problems when traveling Vietnam, you can inbox me if you really need it. I will support myself as much as I know.
Have a nice trip in my country – Vietnam.


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